Homelessness – Los Angeles, CA

Every January, the County of Los Angeles conducts a count of the number of people experiencing homelessness. This massive effort provides important information year over year about the size, scope, and characteristics of the situation here in Los Angeles.

The 2020 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count showed that there was a 12.7% rise in homelessness in LA County despite a sustained increase in the number of people rehoused:

Many factors are contributing to first-time homelessness. Economic hardships and weakened social networks are by far the greatest reasons. (LAHSA.org)

City, county, and non-profit organizations are managing multiple initiatives to:
a) prevent homelessness
b) create affordable housing units
c) manage rehousing efforts
d) provide street management.

Why NOHOHome.org

For the past 2 years, Sandy Kiley has been a volunteer/services lead with the NOHO Home Alliance (NOHOHome.org), a North Hollywood-based startup dedicated to helping unhoused people find housing. Three mornings a week, this grassroots drop-in center provides support/services*, meals, clothing, showings, a mailing address, socialization, and a safe place for unhoused people to relax for a few hours off the street. 

Every week the NOHO Home team hosts about 150 people. Sandy has witnessed first-hand how impactful this kind of grassroots work can be; building relationships and trust with people in need and connecting them with community organizations has been rewarding and life-changing for all parties. She knows most of the weekly guests by name and can easily and quickly identify the specific individuals.

(*) housing assistance, medical, addiction, mental health, documentation, DMV vouchers, device charging stations.

Our vision is to help improve the quality of the lives of men and women to achieve greater independence and build stronger overall life foundations. We are better together. We work in partnership with other non-profit organizations to build accountability and integrity.

This report was compiled by Dana Perri