SOS Childrens Village Cebu Philippines

SOS Childrens Village Cebu Philippines

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What is SOS Children’s Village?

Children need a flexible response tailored to their care needs.

What is SOS Children’s Village?

Children need a flexible response tailored to their care needs. We commit to providing a quality children’s village by making a range of alternative child care options available and considering the best interests of a child first and foremost. SOS Children’s Village Cebu is one of the eight villages of SOS Children’s Village in the Philippines, an independent, non-governmental organization present in 135 countries and territories that started operating in 1980. Currently, the village has 12 Family Houses and Youth Facility that caters to 141 children and youth (89 from the children’s village and 53 from the youth home for boys and girls). We offer alternative child care. When the family of origin is no longer the best place for a child to grow up, we provide alternative care solutions. And our core solution is the SOS Family-like Care. Children at risk or who have lost parental care are given a normal family care setting where a stable care provider (i.e., an SOS mother) nurtures them to grow up empowered and able to reach their full potential. We have been doing this for decades, where we derive our expertise and will keep doing it in the future. While we keep improving our work with SOS families, we also dare to explore innovative care solutions. Together with other actors, we draw on our experience to explore solutions such as foster care and small group homes. We ensure to deliver each option with consistent quality.

SOS Children’s Village Cebu and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 (the coronavirus), which was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, by the World Health Organization, threatens the rights of children around the world and exposes them to massive disruption (healthcare, education, access to basic needs and services). SOS Children’s Village Cebu takes the implications of COVID-19 seriously. The village staff, children, and young people were comprehensively educated about the virus to take preventive and responsive measures and ensure the safety of everyone. We have conducted different psycho-social activities for the children and young people for their mental well-being because of the risk of stress, anxiety, and recurrence of their traumas that this crisis may bring. The creative house mothers infused it into their simple tasks at home to make life as normal as possible. Every household also carries out a cleanup and sanitation drive in their respective houses every morning and afternoon. However, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be getting worse, affecting the entire world and generating a crisis dynamic with multiple layers of complexity (financial losses, interconnected globalized economy). Every day, we are receiving cancellation of support from the regular donors who help the SOS children on a monthly basis, resulting in a drastic decrease in donations. Even though the village has enough funds to cover for the entire year, it is also important for us to ensure the sustainability of the operation while maintaining the quantity and quality of the program to secure the welfare of the vulnerable children and young people, families and communities that we are supporting.

Project Components

  1. Community life and social development
  2. Health, safety and sports
  3. Intellectual formation and creative arts
  4. Personality and life skills development
  5. Spiritual and moral maturity

Project Beneficiaries

  1. Type of beneficiaries: children and youth
  2. Number of families per project location (*average of 8 children in one family, maximum of 10)

SAGE Collaboration Team

Florence Camillo
(Fund Development Coordinator)

Clyde Lumayno

Christy Marie Cabahit