We strive to set a good example of corporate
responsibility in the community by championing
important grassroots causes to achieve greater
visibility and ultimately greater impact.


SAGE’s founder, Elaina Kelly Smith’s humbling journey from a shy, scholastically challenged student to a successful entrepreneur is central to SAGE’s philosophy: That with the right guidance, encouragement, and support, anyone and any organization can achieve success and profound impact! Elaina’s deep gratitude for all those that helped her informed her life philosophy to “pay it forward” and that’s exactly what she’s doing with SAGE.


After a series of insightful, collaborative discussions, we realized there was a gaping need in our community. We found that there were numerous compelling and important local grassroots non-profit organizations, but none of them were achieving the impact they hoped to make. That’s where the idea for SAGE was born! We realized that we needed to create SAGE to amplify the voices of these grassroots community organizations so they could have greater success in uplifting our communities.

Since then, we’ve been doing just that. We highlight the messages of various grassroots community nonprofit groups to our broad network of supporters and in turn, provide them with the donations and resources they need to achieve their desired impact.


Our vision is to partner with various diverse and compelling grassroots organizations that are striving to make the same meaningful impact in their communities that we are. We believe that communities know what’s best for themselves. SAGE is here to empower and uplift those community organizations and assist them in fulfilling their specific needs however we can.